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Hardester’s Market

21088 Calistoga Street

In the wake of a major fire, the owners’ of Hardester’s Market – Middletown wanted a unique design for their store. We worked with them to bring to life their vision: an illusion of several historic, gold-rush-era storefronts spanning the entire market exterior.

For this work-in-progress, Sutti Associates is providing comprehensive design, construction and equipment services from demolition and site excavation through final interior décor.

Sutti Associates Roles on the Project:
  • Design and architectural drawings
  • Architect of record
  • Interior design/décor
  • General contractor
  • Specify and provide equipment
  • Lighting design
Completion Date:

In progress (target date: December 2019)


Middletown, California


22,940 sq ft / 2,131 sq m

Project Type:

New build