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Gus’s – Haight Street Market

Haight and Ashbury

Over the past decade, we've worked with the Haight Street Market location of Gus’s Community Market on several projects — both large and small.

As part of a major renovation and expansion, we helped the grocery update its produce area and install new equipment. Our team worked with the owners to introduce new components — meat, deli, hot food and kitchen — into the store and, more importantly, to understand how to successfully launch and manage these departments.

Sutti Associates Roles on the Project:
  • Store designer
  • Architect of record
  • General contractor
  • Interior décor
  • Specify and provide equipment
  • Lighting design
Completion Date:

Major work 2010
Minor work 2017


San Francisco, California


8,500 sq ft / 790 sq m

Project Type: