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Resources for Saving Water in Grocery Stores.

California faces an unprecedented drought; saving water is a top concern for costumers, regulators, and businesses. In the following weeks we will blog about the opportunities for grocers across the US to save water, money, and become community leaders in environmental conservation. We begin with a collection of resources for you, which we will reference in the upcoming […]

Valentine’s Day for Grocery Stores

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and two things are on every grocer’s mind: what to do for your significant other and how to make the most money. Sorry folks, this article only concerns the latter. This romantic holiday has been going on for centuries but this year promises to be the biggest. Let […]

The Millennial Super Bowl and Grocers

Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner. Fans are itching and media is buzzing; grocers rally for a great weekend in sales. This year’s Super Bowl is expected to be the biggest one yet, a victory over the recession: Wall Street gains are finally percolating into consumer spending and grocers are poised to catch a […]

Grocers and Organised Retail Theft (ORT)

Organised Retail Theft (ORT) is a $37 Billion problem that affects 96% of retailers(1). Unlike petty thieves, these gangs they are highly organised, entrepreneurial, and technologically savvy. ORT also differs in that it aims to convert the illegally obtained goods into financial gain, not personal use(2). These criminal activities include theft, gift card fraud, receipt […]

Sutti shelving featured on Houzz

  Sutti’s online store, featuring Metro shelving, tables, and accessories, was recently featured in Houzz’s Emergency Essentials for Your Home. Houzz is an online community that brings together designers, builders and merchants with those interested in building or improving a house.  Find Sutti’s Web Store in Houzz.

Holiday Merchandising for Grocers

Winter holiday season is finally here! These coming weeks are retailers’ most exciting and profitable time of the year. From now until January, grocers can leverage their unique position to make their costumers’ holidays a magical time and, thus, solidify their relationship. Grocers with a good holiday strategy can capture the biggest slice of the […]

Whole Foods opens new store in San Jose

A new (and different) Whole Foods in Town Sutti is proud to to congratulate Whole Foods on opening their new store in 777 The Alameda, San Jose CA. This 35,000 square-foot store is the second in San Jose and 42nd in California. But, in many ways, this store is a trailblazing first. At 777 The […]